Sentinel Impact Tracker Bundle Includes Impact Unit Plus One Year Subscription


Individually boxed Sentinel Impact Tracker unit, complete with Battery, SIM, and Mounting Plate.

Purchase includes 1 year Subscription to Sentinel Impact Tracking service.

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Connect to all types of crash
cushions with ease.

Sentinel website on a computerSentinel website on a computer
Sentinel website on a mobile deviceSentinel website on a mobile device


Monitor the status of your crash
cushions with a simple, easy to
use interface from any device.

Asset Tracking + Management.

With the Sentinel's asset tracking and management capabilities, users
are able to track and record the attenuator, end terminal, guard rail,
sign or any other asset's installation date, manufacturer's make and
model, site location, installer's information, impact and inspection
history – all from your computer or mobile device.


The Sentinel transmits

a signal upon impact,

alerting maintenance



An alert is sent to multiple cell phones and devices with the exact location of the impacted crash cushions.

Take Control with the
Sentinel Impact Tracker

No longer depend on the motoring public to provide the

notification. The Sentinel's immediate alert gets the

response team in action.

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Weight (lbs.) 2.000000
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