All New Enviro-Cone

The Enviro-Cone is made from 80% recycled material by weight and can easily be recycled again if the cone is destroyed. If ever a stem becomes unusable, simply reorder the stem and reuse the base - no more land fills loaded with PVC cones!

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42" Looper Tube

42” Orange Looper-Tube - (2) White 3" 3M High Intensity Sheeting - 12lb. Base
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18" Enviro-Cone

18" Orange Enviro-Cone w/(1) 6" Reflective Collar, 3lb Recycled Rubber Base
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42" Looper Cone

42" Looper-Cone with Orange and White alternating bands of Reflective Sheeting, with 12lb Recycled Rubber Base
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Mesh Roll-Up Sign

TrafFix Devices Mesh Roll-Up Sign w/Road Work Ahead Legend
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