For those extra windy applications, TrafFix Devices offers the single spring sign stand.


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Series #: 22300, 22300-USH

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TrafFix Sign Stand is designed with unique Step-N-Drop Legs, this highly advanced feature enables you to quickly set-up the stand without having to bend over or stoop down. Simply place your foot on the release lever, step down and two legs will drop into position. Repeat the process for the remaining two legs and you are ready for the sign.

TrafFix stand's tip resistant design effectively spills the wind and holds a 36" x 36" or 48" x 48" roll-up sign securely without heavy springs or a bulky mast.

The TrafFix Sign Stand is compact, easy to carry and stores in small areas. All parts can be easily replaced. A complete parts list is included with each stand. Each sign stand is available with a 10" height extender and a Universal Sign Holder. The Universal Sign Holder allows any manufacturer's roll-up sign to be used with TrafFix Sign Stand. The special TrafFix 10" extender adapts to the stand for added height, or where maximum sign height is required without raising the legs.

Each TrafFix Sign Stand can be equipped with a Rigid Sign Adapter, this single spring adapter converts a TrafFix stand for roll-up signs into a stand that will accommodate a 36" x 36" rigid sign. Simply drop the custom latch bracket connector into the sign stand to lock in place.

The telescoping legs create a wider stance for added stability in high wind situations. Just pull legs out when needed, and return legs back to original position for storage. The stand can also be adjusted to 3 height levels, depending on your particular situation. Each leg can also be independently adjusted for greater stability on uneven terrain.

Using the TrafFix Ground Mount Stand is an economical stand which is ideal for short duration jobs. Simply drive the pointed metal end of the stand into the ground by stepping on the horizontal side bars. Holds 36" or 48" roll-up signs firmly in place.

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