Customizable Reflective Vinyl Roll-Up Signs

Starts at $123.80
26036-EFO, 26048-EFO

TrafFix Devices Reflective Vinyl Roll-Up Signs are available in 36" × 36" and 48" × 48" with a myriad of ready-made sign legends. Custom sizes and legends available upon request.

TrafFix Devices offers a full line of reflective vinyl roll-up traffic signs ideal for work zones and other areas where safety is a concern, including:

  • Construction Sites
  • Temporary Traffic Incidents
  • Road Closures
  • Sidewalk Work Zones
  • Special Events
  • Parking Lots

Like traditional rigid signs, roll-up signs are highly visible markers that warn motorists and pedestrians of upcoming changes in traffic patterns and paths. Roll-Up signs have the added benefit of being made of lightweight materials, more compact, and easier to transport than the more traditional rigid signs.

Because roll-up signs are more compact than their rigid cousins, crews can utilize more signs in and around their work zone. This is an idea solution when vehicle storage space is limited.

Each TrafFix Devices Roll-Up Sign includes a heavy-duty fiberglass frame that provides strong, yet flexible support to the sign. Roll-Up signs are designed with a velcro strap tie strap to secure the sign when it's rolled up, and an anti-kiting strap fastening the sign to its heavy-duty frame.

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More Information
Color Orange
Material Reflective Vinyl


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