Phoenix® Sign Stand with Powder Coated Steel Upright & Lock Pin


Phoenix Sign Stand, a portable sign stand consists of a molded recycled rubber base with powder coated steel plate insert, complete with white powder coated pre-drilled steel upright & lock pin. NCHRP 350 approved.

Modular Design

The Phoenix Sign Stand is designed with a pre-drilled square upright to accommodate multiple hole patterns found in most size signs. The Phoenix offers a simple and easy way to mount signs that are different sizes and shapes to a single sign stand with no fuss. You can raise and lower signs anywhere along the six-foot long upright for more flexibility. The recycled rubber base with steel plate firmly grips the road surface, while presenting a narrow profile.

The Phoenix Sign Stand is NCHRP-350 certified, with a 48" × 48" .080 aluminum sign, as well as, other size signs and with optional barricade light and flags.

Two Phoenix Sign Stands can also be used to support barricade panels to create a Type III Barricade.

Recycled Rubber Base

This top view of the recycled rubber base and top of the steel base plate, illustrates how they go together. The four stacking lugs are located in each corner of the base and help hold sand bags in place during windy conditions. Together the rubber base and steel plate weigh 40 lbs.

This is the bottom view of the recycled rubber base with the steel place. Two molded in carrying handles are located on either side of the base.

Once the recycled rubber base and steel plate are assembled, they can virtually remain together until you decide to separate the two pieces. The stacking lugs allow the bases to nest together while taking up very little space on the truck or in storage.

Simple and Flexible

Ease and flexibility come to mind when assembling the Phoenix Sign Stand. Simply place the pre-assembled recycled rubber base and steel base plate on the ground and insert the square upright into the center opening and secure it with the steel locking pin. Once this is complete, you can attach a multitude of sign configurations to the Phoenix Sign Stand.

The Phoenix Sign Stand consists of four components:

  • 6' long pre-drilled square upright
  • Steel Base Plate
  • Recycled rubber base
  • Steel locking pin

Each individual component can be replaced if damaged.

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